“Anchoring in Seattle



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SIDES FOR JULIE (age 10-14)





Anchoring in Seattle

Non-Union Feature Film

Producers: EDKO Film and Maple Edge Films

Director & Writer: Xue Xiao Lu

NY/LA Casting Director: Wayne Chang

Canada Casting Director: Judy K. Lee

NY Audition: Sunday, February 11 & 12, 2012

LA Audition: Saturday, February 17 & 18, 2012

Filming Locations: Vancouver (Canada) and Seattle (US)

Talents must have valid passport and able to work in the US & Canada.


“Anchoring in Seattle” is a moving romantic comedy about a young woman who comes to the U.S. as a wealthy man’s pregnant mistress but learns about true love through some unexpected friendships.


JULIE: Asian Female, age 10 – 14. The daughter of the lead character’s love interest. She behaves way mature for her age. Reads adult contemporary novels and meditates. Emotionally, she is still a teenager and has trouble expressing her feeling. In the script, Julie technically is in the 3rd grade (so we are looking for actresses who can portray that age range).

Must be able to speak fluent Mandarin Chinese (Chinese regional accents okay). Major Supporting. (Approx 22 days shoot including rehearsals)


HUANG DAUGHTER: Asian Female, age 21-28. Visiting her mother over the Holiday and brought her boyfriend along with the three boys from his previous marriage. Doesn’t always agree with her mother, but still maintained a strong relationship with her.

Talent must be able to speak fluent Mandarin Chinese. The character is of Taiwanese decent, the spoken Mandarin Chinese must not have any Mainland China regional accent. Co-Star. (Shoot 1 – 2 days)



About the Director:



Director Xue Xiao Lu (薛晓路)’s  previous feature film “Ocean Heaven” starring Jei-Li in his first full-dramatic non-kung fu role was nominated for the 2010 Golden Goblet award (the highest prize awarded to competing films at the Shanghai International Film Festival), and won CCTV Movie Channel Media Awards for Best Film and Best Director.


以《海洋天堂》一炮而紅的導演薛曉璐將開拍暫名為“拋錨西雅圖”的浪漫喜劇。故事雖然以西雅圖為背景,主要外景將3月至4月在溫哥華拍攝。。徵兩個角色: 年齡1016歲的女孩能講流利普通話 (22 - 23天的拍攝). 年齡1828歲的台灣女演員, 能講流利的國語和英語(1- 2天的拍攝).  


薛曉璐是近年崛起的新銳電影工作者。編導實力均受到肯定。 2002年憑《和你在一起》獲中國電影華表獎優秀影片獎,《秋雨》獲中國電影華表獎夏衍文學獎優秀編劇獎,2007年以電視連續劇《孝子》獲中宣部“五個一”工程獎,電影劇本《春節過大年》獲美國電影協會優秀劇本獎等 2010年榮獲中國電影導演協會年度編劇獎的《海洋天堂》是其第一部導演作品薛曉璐是近年崛起的新銳電影工作者。編導實力均受到肯定。 2002年憑《和你在一起》獲中國電影華表獎優秀影片獎,《秋雨》獲中國電影華表獎夏衍文學獎優秀編劇獎,2007年以電視連續劇《孝子》獲中宣部“五個一”工程獎,電影劇本《春節過大年》獲美國電影協會優秀劇本獎等 2010年榮獲中國電影導演協會年度編劇獎的《海洋天堂》是其第一部導演作品,也是李連杰第一部純文戲的演出。